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The Mission

The mission for us here at Miller Sports Media is simple; produce content that engages an audience to consider a different perspective on sports. We know the highlights and recap of sports are unavoidable because you need it to set the table for further topics, but we strive to give next level thinking on what is going on in the sports world.

For instance, Alabama found themselves losing a tough one against Clemson in the CFB Championship game; was this an example of missing Kiffin? Were the Crimson Tide playing not to lose when they were a touchdown favorite by Vegas? Did Clemson leverage the feeling of revenge to take their game to the next level? This is just a sample of what we mean by not your typical sports recap show.

This is something that my team is passionate about, and we look forward to serving your sports needs with our podcast while we work on engaging you in other media platforms.



Looking to Write About Sports?

With currently being up and coming in the digital media field, we are always looking to expand. We currently have an audio show we record, but we are in need of some writers to produce content on this website. If this is you, then use the button to leave your contact information for someone to reach out to you.